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Disaster Response

In 2020, we have already responded to disasters in Florida, Tennessee, Iowa and two storms in Indiana.  One of the storms that we responded to in Indiana was in our hometown of Vincennes.  


Food Pantry

In 2020 -through the tremendous blessings of Midwest Food Bank, USDA's CFAP (Coronavirus Food Assistance Program) program, Prairie Farms, Wabash Foodservice, Catholic Charities, Lonnie Vieck Farms, and Mouzin Brothers Farms, we have received extra pallets of food to provide to our community.


Automotive Ministry

In 2019 -Eight vehicles that were donated to HHH were inspected, minor repairs made, and donated to families in need of dependable transportation. In 2020, the automotive ministry is now equipped with 2 car lifts, obtained through grants.


Rampin for Jesus

By the grace of God, His ministry of Rampin up for Jesus surpassed 1 mile of ramps in 2020!


Food Depot

In 2019 - Increased the number of food pantries to 15 that come to HHH for their monthly
allotment of food items from the Midwest Food Bank from Indianapolis. .