HHH Ministries Highlights for 2019
• Moved our operations to the former United Healthcare Insurance building at 2011 Willow Street in Vincennes, IN. Our warehouse, as well as cooler and freezer space, doubled; and the automotive ministry is inside now!
• The new building was purchased by Bethany Christian Church and they are blessing HHH by allowing us to use nearly half the building!
• Donated the House of Hope homeless shelter to Another Chance Christ Ministries where they will accommodate a homeless family as well as shelter for women recovering from abuse or drugs.
• Sold two donated properties. The only property we currently own is our pole barn behind our former Main Street location. This is used for vehicle, equipment, supplies, and trailer storage.
• Added about 3 food distributions per month from the Food Pantry which distributed about $250,000 worth of food items in 2019.
• Increased the number of food pantries to 15 that come to HHH for their monthly allotment of food items from the Midwest Food Bank from Indianapolis. This is the Food Depot distribution once a month where Midwest brings a loaded semi from Indianapolis to HHH with 26 pallets of food items. Nearby food pantries don’t have to drive to Indy and haul their allotment back, which saves them time and money. Helping His Hands provides the volunteers, pallet jacks, the facility, a waiting area, and forklifts to help in the distribution.
• Eight vehicles that were donated to HHH were inspected, minor repairs made, and then donated to families in need of dependable transportation.
• The automotive ministry is now equipped with 2 car lifts, obtained through grants.
• Over 15,000 hours of volunteer time have been logged by the various mission areas of HHH.
• HHH has been in the hurricane Florence disaster area; we have continued to work in TN, rebuilding after the Wildfires a couple years back; and we are currently in TX, responding to the floods caused by Tropical Storm Imelda.
Bringing hope and a hand of service to those in need.
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