Food Pantry

When you donate to the Food Pantry program, your contribution goes toward financial classes, career coaching classes, maintenance and building upkeep. Mimicking the set up of a grocery store, the food pantry allows families the normalcy of "shopping" for food items. Each family is prayed for by a volunteer before leaving.


Through the tremendous blessings of Midwest Food Bank, USDA's CFAP (Coronavirus Food Assistance Program) program, Prairie Farms, Wabash Foodservice, Catholic Charities, Lonnie Vieck Farms, and Mouzin Brothers Farms, we have received extra pallets of food to provide to our community. 


In addition to our regular food distribution through the appointments in the Food Pantry, we have been able to distribute hundreds of shopping carts of food out to our community. 


It has been amazing to see how families have been blessed through this program.  Working parents as well as elderly and homeless individuals have received good food!  Fresh produce, milk and dairy products, canned goods as well as boxes with meats like BBQ, bacon and chicken have all been a part of these distributions. "Community Food Days" have been promoted on social media and local radio stations. 


God has worked incredibly through this pandemic!