Disaster Response - Disaster Relief Kits


A variety of kits are needed when disasters strike!  Hygiene kits for men and women as well as cleaning, kids activity, kitchen, food, bedding and family medicine cabinet kits are all necessary items for families when their home has been damaged or lost.  Here is a list of kits and items that should be included in them.  

Male Hygiene Kit (Place in gallon ziplock bag)

  1. Hand towel

  2. Comb

  3. Washcloth

  4. Toothbrush and toothpaste (4-7 oz)

  5. Nail file

  6. Bar of bath soap

  7. Band-aids (6)

  8. Aftershave lotion or shaving cream

  9. Deodorant

  10. Shampoo (travel size)

  11. Razor

  12. Facial tissues (travel size)

  13. Bible

Female Hygiene Kit: Same list as male kit, but add 6 feminine sanitary napkins and a travel size hair conditioner. 


Kids Activity Kit

  1. Coloring book and crayons

  2. Small toy for boy or girl

  3. Activity book or stickers

  4. Small stuffed animal or baby doll


Food Kit

  1. Iodized salt

  2. Cooking oil (32 oz. plastic bottle)

  3. Canned or corned beef (12 oz)

  4. Canned tuna or chicken (12 oz)

  5. Granulated sugar (1 lb. box)

  6. Powdered milk (4 lb. box)

  7. Pepper (8 oz.)

  8. Instant coffee (8 oz.)

  9. Tea bags

  10. Dry beans (4 lb. bag)

  11. White rice (5 lb.)


Bedding Kit

  1. 2 new or good, clean flat sheets

  2. 2 pillow cases

  3. 2 new pillows

  4. Blanket (full or queen)

  5. Queen inflatable bed (optional)


Family Medicine Cabinet Kit

  1. Adult pain reliever (acetaminophen, ibuprofen)

  2. Children’s pain reliever

  3. Adult multi-vitamins

  4. Children’s multi-vitamins

  5. Antacid (tums, rolaids, malox)

  6. Hydrogen peroxide (plastic bottle)

  7. Antibiotic or first aid cream (Triple antibiotic ointment or Neosporin)

  8. Band-aids (1 box)


Clean Up Kit (in 5 gal. bucket w/ lid)

  1. Sponges

  2. Wire brush

  3. Plastic trash bags

  4. Scrub brush

  5. Rubber gloves

  6. Lysol-type disinfectant (32 oz.)

  7. Plastic bottle


Kitchen Utensils

  1. Metal tea kettle

  2. Metal 12” skillet w/ lid

  3. Spatula

  4. Can opener (hand held)

  5. Dishwashing detergent (16 oz.)

  6. Paper napkins - large package

  7. Salt and pepper shakers (non-breakable)

  8. Dish towels, pot holders and sponges (2 each)

  9. Large serving spoons (3)

  10. Durable plastic plates, bowls and cups (4 sets)

  11. Stainless steel eating utensils (4 sets)


Miscellaneous Items needed that we take into disaster areas:

  1. Bottled water

  2. Diapers (baby and adult - any size)

  3. Baby wipes

  4. Sleeping bags

  5. Fleece blankets

  6. Tarps

Unless noted above, kits should be assembled into sturdy cardboard boxes that are labeled what type of kit they are.  We encourage you to also include a personal note of encouragement for the family who is receiving the kit.  You are welcome to include your name, church or organization who assembled the kit.  

Have questions?  Please contact us we can help you!