Our beginning


Helping His Hands began under the leadership of director Scott Shipman. Scott is passionate for, and deeply moved by those hurting and in need. It was his compassion that fueled a dream in his heart called Helping His Hands. We all know that natural disasters are a fact of life, and are unfortunately on the rise. Therefore Scott is spearheading an outreach for individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations at large to get on board with and impact a hurting humanity. 

 "For these people this is the worst day of there life and it is for that reason we want to bring hope and a hand of service those in need."

 -Helping His Hands Director,  Scott Shipman


        a short term mission organization specializing in disaster response. Our mandate is set upon immediate response to regions and people stricken by natural disasters, followed by continual aide in their journey of rebuilding.

         It is nearly impossible to predict when or where a disaster is going to take place. However, it is possible for communities to be prepare for what may happen. This equipping readies us for the unexpected, and allows for a greater organized, timely, and efficient response when disaster strikes.

   A time of crisis is often the best time for Christians to demonstrate the reality of God’s healing grace. With your help, and the help of your church or business, we can make a difference. So look around, search us out, and ask the Lord to direct you in how you can help us help others in their time of need.

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